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Little Monarch Baby Boutique

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Our Story

After visiting Spain in the Summer of 2018, I realized that Children were especially well-dressed and was surprised at how different their outfits were from those sold in the US market. I became intrigued and decided to extend my stay to further do research on Spanish Designs. What I realized was that beautifully soft fabrics, along with simplicity and a touch of elegance was the key to why Spanish Designs were so popular around the world. The way they emphasize the importance on the details is just so mesmerizing. Perfection meets perfection. Spanish Designs are so popular that they even dress up most of the Children of Royal Families on countries where monarchies are still in effect.

When I arrived back in the US, I started speaking with family and friends that had children, and they expressed how difficult it was to find high quality traditional clothing for their kids. I quickly realized that there was a gap in the market for high-quality children’s formal wear clothing. The dream then started taking shape, and I started searching for the best fabrics with the best Spanish Designers to create a clothing collection for special events that captures that unique moment in your little one’s life.

After the initial prototypes were finished, I tried the very first outfit on one of my nephews, and there was a unilateral opinion: He looks like a “Little Monarch” and that is how the name Little Monarch Baby Boutique, LLC came to be.

The first collection was launched in the Spring of 2020, with the simplicity and details that represent our brand. All of our clothing is 100% hand embroider while using only the finest quality materials in the industry. Every piece is carefully hand crafted to maximize quality at its finest. Our manufacturing process is closely monitored to ensure that all our clothing is being produced in an ethical manner while providing a safe work environment.


If I was to share a personal story with you, on why I became motivated to launch this company, I would have to say it was my mother. My mom won a fight against lung cancer and those were tough years. When she finally recovered, I knew I was going to do something to make a difference. As part of that commitment, this new company/project allows me to donate a portion of the Profits to the Vannie E. Cook Children’s Cancer & Hematology Clinic. These funds will go directly to patient care, mainly for children who are not able to pay for their chemotherapy treatment.
Yamil G. Tueme
Founder & Owner: Little Monarch Baby Boutique, LLC