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Baby’s Measurements (cm/lbs)

Guidelines for Measurement

  • Chest Measurement:
    To get the most accurate chest measurement of the baby, please measure him/her by wrapping the measuring tape around the chest (circumference), under the arms (with arms up) and without any clothes on.
  • Length Measurement:
    Measured from the highest point from the neck/shoulder to the hem.
  • Shoes:
    For the most accurate measurement of your baby’s shoe size, please stand your child on a white piece of paper. With a pencil, put a mark at the place where your child’s big toe begins, then mark the back of the heel. Please make sure that your baby is standing still and is not moving. When you have your two marks, then measure in between to get the correct size.


If your child falls in between sizes, (including gowns and shoes), WE RECOMMEND choosing the next size up. Chart reflects APPROXIMATE sizes. Keep in mind that every baby’s physical body is different. If you have any questions, feel free to call one of our friendly sales experts to help you pick the right size.
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